Areas of Expertise

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Thank you for your interest in GH Family Business Consulting LLC

I have direct hands-on experience in the following areas and look forward to assisting your family business in those areas where you feel you and your family could benefit the most:

  • Establish a Family Council (often consists of multiple generations of family owners regardless of whether or not they work directly in the family business)
  • Enhance the work and effectiveness of an existing Family Council
  • Establish a Family Assembly (which typically consists of family owners, plus spouses, plus members of the next generation age 12 years or older)
  • Establish educational programs for the next generation
  • Establish or enhance the family’s foundation/philanthropic approach
  • How to incorporate your family history, philosophy and values into your corporate culture
  • Assistance in developing family policies (with regard to employment, family involvement)
  • Co-worker engagement measurement and ideas
  • Job descriptions and performance plans for family members
  • Guidance on establishing a Board of Directors with outside Directors
  • Assist with family leadership and ownership transitions across generations
  • Assist family members in evaluating what governance structure may be best for the family (existing and future generations) and the business
  • Assist families in transitioning from a single owner/manager governance structure to one featuring multiple owners and multiple professional managers.
  • Assist the next generation in “finding their voice” in the business individually (coaching) and as a group (facilitation)
  • Various structures and processes to help enhance performance in a diversified business.

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