GH Family Business Consulting LLC

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COVID-19 UPDATEFor the health and safety of my clients, I am now fully vaccinated (with boosters) and offer in-person meetings and/or video conference technology. I am also welcoming new clients. Please contact Greg at to get your family meetings started.  If you and your family are comfortable utilizing video conference technology (most of my clients do), I am able to serve your family regardless of where you reside geographically. 


I bring over 30 years of hands-on experience in my own successful family business to assist family members in starting or enhancing the family governance side of their family business.

This is not just an academic exercise, I am doing this for my own family business every day, so I fully understand the challenges you are facing.


While working on my own family business, I have learned about the benefits of focusing time and energy on the family side of the business.

I have developed structures and processes that optimize the input and impact that family members can have on the business.  I want to help you do the same.


I help specifically where you need me the most.

Below are just a few examples of how I have helped other families:

  • Develop or enhance your Family Council. If you don’t know what a Family Council is or what it can do for you and your business – contact me!  I encourage you to get started as soon as possible.
  • Develop or enhance your Family Assembly
  • Establish or enhance Next Generation groups
  • Develop shareholder charters and family policies
  • Develop educational programs for the next generation
  • Establish or enhance your corporate culture / operating philosophy
  • Measure and improve the engagement of co-workers
  • Organize family philanthropy – foundations, corporate and personal giving
  • Review and develop optimal governance structures that will work for existing and future shareholders – ownership succession.
  • Capture your company history and tell your story in a way that positively impacts your family, customers, co-workers, suppliers, and the community.  For an example, please visit
  • Assist the next generation with identifying their personal strengths and individual interests and determine their level of interest in working in the business.
  • Serve as a neutral, experienced, independent family business voice for your Family Council, Family Assembly, and/or Board of Directors.
  • I address many other needs that are specific to your family and your family business.


  • I encourage you to interview several consultants as each provides a different approach and services. Many will want to manage your family’s cash and investments, I don’t do that.
  • If I appear to be the right fit for your needs and also for your family, you will work with me throughout our entire engagement.  I won’t hand you off to an inexperienced consultant.
  • Once I understand what your needs are, I will tell you whether I can add value to your family transition, governance structure, and processes.  If I can’t add value, then I would just be wasting your time, my time, and your money. Neither of us wants that.


  • Set up legal governance structures or ownership trusts– attorneys are your best resource here.
  • Manage your family’s cash/investments.
  • Convince the next generation of owners that they should remain as owners of the business and/or work in the family business if that is clearly not what they want to do. Instead, I help them to identify their strengths and where they can best utilize those strengths inside and/or outside the family business.
  • I can help improve communication among family members using various governance structures and techniques, but I can’t wave a magic wand and make all of your past difficulties go away. My work combined with individual and group therapy by an outside licensed therapist (not affiliated with GH Family Business Consulting LLC) will have a higher chance of success.


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